Mommy Diary: Stops and Starts

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Been a while since I posted anything personal. Actually, it’s been a while since I posted ANYTHING.

Probably because a lot of things just happened lately.

For one, I’ve changed my work environment. Don’t get me wrong, I liked my previous job in Makati. The people were really nice and the mood in the office was great. It’s just that it came to a point wherein my skills are no longer needed so I headed for the exit.

I set my mind into working from home. Challenge, though, was that I couldn’t get a job that would allow me to work remotely. Also, because we were moving out, having a stable internet connection was another obstacle. I had a bit of anxiety attack — hubby was working but having just one income won’t be enough for the family.

And then a message got through, from my former employer, looking for someone to fill a vacancy. I replied that I’m up to it, albeit half-joking. I really wanted to start working from home so I can also take care of the kids. But he told me that it was urgent and if I wanted it, we can talk. To be honest, I didn’t think it through very much when I said “yes.” I only thought of how the opportunity would help the family. So here I am. The skills needed are familiar and it’s something I can learn further as I go along. Also, I have resources to ask so I’m taking this a stride at a time.

But alongside was a bigger leap that I’ve taken — we’ve taken — which is moving out of the house. Not just us but also my parents and my sibling (well, there’s only one who’s here anyway) because our humble abode will undergo renovation. As in total, from the ground up.

There had been a plan to renovate the house years ago. It wasn’t until this year that it has been finalized. My sister is funding the project and she gave us all the timeline.

This was another challenge since my kids always stayed with their grandparents while hubby and I are at work. Now we live kinda separately (in just one condo building but in different units in different floors) and I’d have to be up really early to prep the kids. Poor bunso has to wake up at 6 AM even if her class is still at 12 noon.

Can’t complain, though. At least my parents were still willing to take care of them. Of course, I had to adjust to their preferences.

It’s been a stressful May and June that, to be honest, my body is reacting weirdly to these situations. Thing is, I don’t think this stress level would be decreasing anytime soon. But there’s coffee anyway so…

Well, that’s about it. Hopefully things will sail smoothly soon.

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