Mommy diary: When the baby gets sick…

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Zee’s been sick since Monday. Yesterday I had to take a leave of absence from work because I had to bring her to the doctor.

Monday night, she couldn’t sleep because her nose was all clogged up. She cried and cried and vomited a bit. Got me and the rest of the household very stressed.

She slept after a few hours, her chest on mine, in seating position. She felt discomfort when we try to put her on the bed.

She suddenly had a fever early morning of Tuesday. Rounds of Paracetamol quickly brought her temperature to normal.

But her colds are still bad. And she was beginning to cough. In fact, her voice got hoarse yesterday.

Zee was clingy the whole day. It was either she walked freely around the living room or she’d request to be carried around. Most of the time it was the latter. She also didn’t eat her meals. It was only during dinnertime that she agreed to a few spoons of rice. All day she just drank milk and water.

I think we used the nebulizer for more than 4 times yesterday, just to keep her comfortable. Last night, I was able to lay her on the bed, only to feel her head on my shoulder and her limbs wrapped around me a couple of hours after.

You know what they say about moms wanting to feel the discomfort and pain of their child instead of the child enduring it? That’s what we were feeling yesterday. Seeing Zee’s watery eyes and runny nose, and witnessing how she’d tumble and cry when her nose gets clogged made me really sad. I wanted to be the one who’s sick, not her.

She’s taking medicine for her colds, using the nebulizer 3 to 4 times a day, and drinking lots of water, as prescribed by the doctor. I sure hope she’d feel better the soonest.


  1. Mayet

    it’s really hard when our little ones get sick…hope she’s better now and you’re able to rest, too.

    have a lovely Sunday!!

    12 years ago
    • moonchild117

      Zee’s a lot better now. everything’s almost back to normal, even her appetite. 😀

      12 years ago

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