Mommy diary: Zee’s 1st time in the hospital

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Baby Vader -- her last day in the hospital

It’s one of those things you wish doesn’t happen. But it does, however protective a parent you can be.

What started out as simple colds and cough actually became a full-blown pneumonia. Or as written in the doctor’s findings: “Community-acquired pneumonia.” Left lung was filled with phlegm.

We thought it was asthma at first, since Zee experienced the typical shortness of breath days prior to being hospitalized. Wednesday the other week, the doctor gave her nebulizations and antibiotic, and told us that if her condition did not improve on that Saturday, she would have to be confined.

Well, it didn’t. So we packed our bags and made our way to The Medical City. We were there for 5 days. It would probably be longer if the IV didn’t accidentally unattach itself from Zee’s veins. Since the IV was out and my daughter is able to take the antibiotics orally (and her condition was getting better), the doctors decided to keep the IV out.

Zee was discharged afternoon of last Wednesday. Now the only problem I have is how to keep her from moving about too much. Baka mabinat, as my mom would say.

She’s done with her antibiotics and nebulizations, and is back to her lively self.


After all these, I learned that it’s important that my daughter has a health card of her own. Her dad got her one, and I hope we’re not using it in the near future.

And second, PhilHealth can be extended to dependents. Whew. Took out Php10K from our total bill.

This was pretty much a learning experience for me and hubby. Hopefully things like this will rarely happen to us.

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