Mommy diary: Zee’s first time in Bohol

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Mommy, Baby, and Chocolate Hills

First time to ride a plane. First time to visit her grandparents’ province. First time to have a tantrum inside a mall. First time to vomit after a long and winding (road?) drive to Chocolate Hills. These milestones marked Zee’s first time in Bohol.

Baby and me (minus Daddy) tugged along my grandma and parents for a week’s worth of stay in Bohol. Not exactly a pleasure trip. It was more of a business trip (for my grandma, at least). The sightseeing was secondary in the Dompor/ Varquez itinerary.

But since we were also there, my parents thought of touring us around Bohol (aside from visiting relatives whom I don’t remember/ know) so that we could see the marvels they often bragged about. Aside from Tagbilaran, where we stayed, we went to Panglao and the other towns like Loboc and Carmen. We visited the Blood Compact site, Baclayon Church, Dumaluan Beach Resort, Dauis Church, Bohol Bee Farm, Loboc Church, St. Joseph’s (?) Cathedral in Tagbilaran, the Man-made Forest, Chocolate Hills, Hanging Bridge, Zipline, Butterfly Garden, and Tarsier sanctuary. Missed out, though, on the Loboc River Cruise and swimming in the beaches of Panglao.

And I thought one week was enough to enjoy everything in Bohol. Apparently, when you’ve got relatives here and there that you’ve got to visit for dinner, you got to spare a few more days in the province.

Zee didn’t mind. I think she thoroughly enjoyed her vacation, staying at my grandfather’s ancestral home in the capital, going up and down the escalator at Bohol Quality Mall and Island City Mall, and stepping on sand for the first time.

She probably won’t remember this trip, though. So that means another trip to Bohol may be in the works. Probably not until 10 years after.

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