Mommy diary: Zee’s growing vocabulary

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So I know I made a promise to write as often as I could. But, for most of the time, my schedule won’t permit it. Either that or I am just not in the mood to write.

Not in the mood to write. Now that’s bad.

So now I’m gonna counter that feeling by making a Mommy diary entry, which is like after some eons ago. Anyways, since Zee is a year and 7 months old now, she’s learning a lot of new things, including new words. And songs. She knows a lot of songs.

Aside from the usual words like “mommy” and “daddy,” here are a few of the words you’ll hear from my daughter nowadays. Written as how she pronounces them:

Bash – Her version of “brush.” Depending on where she points her finger, it may mean “toothbrush” or “brushing of hair.”
Wat dat? – Answerable by “That’s your —.” Usually asked as she points her finger at her big toe.
Teet – Those pearly whites. After pointing them, she’d force open your mouth. Be careful not to bite the little finger.
Beebee Da – Her very first toy, the baby doll.
Wowa – The explorer
Bapbap – The purple bag of the above mentioned explorer.
Amap-h – “I’m the map.” Pronounced with a stress on the “P” (like “puh”).
Aptap – “Laptop.”
An-na – “Electric fan.” This I totally don’t get.
Kah – “Car.” Sorta like with an English accent.
Ito – Her uncle. Spelled as “P-O-G-I.” I am blaming this on my youngest brother.
Mimi Mau – Mickey Mouse’s partner. Apparently, that’s also how she calls Mickey.
Dona Dah – Mickey Mouse’s friend, Donald.


Bau – What she says after smelling her feet.
Tot – What she says after releasing gas. Said with a question mark.
Gamma – “Grandma,” my lola.
Jabi – The famous fastfood mascot. Her first crush (I think).

She can also pronounce some words clearly like “happy,” “dog,” “lolo,” and “lola.” What’s interesting, too, is that she learns to sing new songs fast. A little repetition does the trick. Though she can’t pronounce some of the words right, she can sing the sings from Dora the Explorer, Yo Gabba Gabba, Backyardigans, and Lah Lah’s Big Live Band (yes, she’s a Nick Jr. kid). She likes to put Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance on repeat. And as of late, Katy Perry’s California Girls. She sings with them as well. And she knows the chorus of the Bieber’s Baby. Her fave pop songs are giving me quite a shock. But well, she’ll probably change her mind and listen to a different genre when she’s older.

5 months from now and she’ll be celebrating her 2nd birthday. Time flies so fast…


  1. gino

    cute hehe

    11 years ago
  2. Gizelle

    ayyy…cuteness! Bau tot! lol. ang sarap nya kurutin!

    11 years ago

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