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Thanks to the forums I’ve been joining (and lurking), I found more online earning opportunities that could help me in a way to augment my savings.

I’ve had a MyLot account for some years now, although I never really gave it much attention then. A few days ago, I just tried if my account still exists. Surprisingly, it’s still there. So I thought that aside from my Ciao account, I could also do some posts at MyLot.

For MyLot, all I really needed to do was to reply on other people’s posts, do posts, do some tasks and refer some people to join. I’m not just sure on how much the give out for each posts. Tasks have certain values attached to it. Seems easy, though I just observed that the ka-chings come in pretty slower compared to Ciao. But hey, at least my account’s earning a few cents.

I also found Destroy Debt, a site that’s more focused on, well, debt and finances. The site has a mix of blog posts and forums. You can check out the forums here; very useful if you want tips on saving, budgeting and investing. I found out that you can create a blog or reply to forum posts, and each action has corresponding amounts. Forum posts and blog and article comments cost $0.02 each. And if you create a blog under Destroy Debt, you also earn $5 per 1,000 unique impressions/reads. They also pay you for referrals. With Destroy Debt, I observed that earnings are credited real-time, so if you post in forums or blogs, you see your earnings grow when you check your homepage.

Both sites have a minimum payout of $10. I don’t have any thing to show you yet because I haven’t reached the minimum payout. When I do, I’ll update you guys.

Note, though, that these sites do not exactly guarantee fast money. I’m wary of sites that offer fast money. And from my research (which I do before joining sites like these), Destroy Debt and MyLot are pretty reliable. Including Ciao, which is doing its best to remove nuisance members as of the present (a good thing for honest members, yay!)

If you’re interested, you can also join MyLot and Destroy Debt. And yeah, join Ciao, too. It will take a lot of patience and effort, but as long as you really work for it, it will reap good things for you. I’ve seen it work for some people, hopefully I’ll be as lucky as them.

I’ll update you as I go. 🙂


  1. utotmopink

    nice.. informative post.. ^^

    btw sis, i tagged you already, hope you will post & pass the same tag soon 🙂

    13 years ago
    • moonchild117

      hi sis! sorry, ngayon lang ako nakapag-internet. game ako dyan! 😀

      13 years ago

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