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I’ve always said I would like to be interviewed man-on-the-street-style (or MOS) about random topics. I dunno, I guess I just want to have that 15 minutes (or less) of fame, like those celebrities or experts/ resource persons on TV. Haha, guilty pleasure, I know.

So I was kinda game when a former colleague of mine, who’s writing for a national daily, asked me my opinion on something. Er, someone.

A few days after our conversation, this came out:

The Curious Case of Coco Martin, which appeared in Young Star's About a Bro column, Feb. 15.
The Curious Case of Coco Martin, which appeared in Young Star’s About a Bro column, Feb. 15.

He included everything I said, even the afterthought, hahaha! And he wrote my name there — used my nickname, in fact. I laughed so hard in my seat yesterday when I saw it because, as I told him, there’s no denying that’s me.

(Buti na lang, I don’t know people from PhilStar, except this writer and another contributor. Hehehe!)

For the record, yes, I like Daniel Matsunaga more than Coco Martin because Daniel is freakin’ hot. I got to see him more than once in Makati (I work there, you know) and yeah, his hotness factor doesn’t go down each time I see him. Consistent.

But yeah, I mean, pareng Coco can act. Intense kung intense.

Anyways, the experience was fun/ funny, on my part. Being interviewed about an opinion on something was cool, but being interviewed for a piece that appears in Young Star was kinda flattering, considering I’m in my early 30s. 30 is the new 20, hahaha! And seeing my name published there made me cringe and feel proud at the same time.

Ganun pala feeling ng ma-MOS.

So, next question, please.

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