My Blogging Journey: How It Started Vs. How It’s Going

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When I began my blogging journey, I didn’t really know what I was doing.

To be honest, I never knew the term “blogging” when I started writing down my thoughts online. First, it was on Friendster, then on Blogger, then Multiply, then Tumblr before settling for a free WordPress blog.

It was supposed to be a break from what I was doing during the day (yes, I did it during afternoon breaks at work), just for leisure, just to take off the load, just to dump whatever was on my mind.

A personal diary, so to speak, but online.

I wrote about myriad topics, some mundane, some serious. However, I kept it to myself; I didn’t let anyone know that I had a blog.

That was probably around 2007.

In 2008, I built Hits and Mrs. to become some sort of a diary of my experience as a new wife and, months after, a new mom. Of course, it was still something personal since I wrote about me, my husband, and my kid(s). But I guess I could say it had more focus than before.

It was also the time I learned about SEO or search engine optimization from co-workers who were also bloggers.

I guess the combination of my writing ability and basic knowledge of SEO paid off. Around 2010 or 2011, I had my very first blogger event invite for a baby food product.

My Blogging Journey - Hits and Mrs PH
From 2008 to today — my own blogging journey has been a rollercoaster of sorts.

That marked a new chapter in my blogging journey.

My first blogger event allowed me to meet other fellow bloggers — and boy, was I surprised that there was quite a number of people who also do what I do. It also dawned on me that blogging was not just a hobby, it was also a community, an industry even.

From then on, I got invited to a few events here and there. To be honest, I’ve turned down some because I actually have a day job and events would sometimes happen on weekdays so I had to pass them up. And while there were one-time event invites, there were also those whom I’ve established good relationships.

However, during these times, I felt the strain of blogging, that I had to churn up content a few times a week. I felt the need to pause, even considered stopping blogging altogether. Part of it was because I had to focus on work and parenthood. But another reason was that I thought I wasn’t good enough to be in this industry.

When I started blogging, we weren’t a lot (at least that’s how it seemed for me). But years after, a new breed of bloggers have sprung up, younger and more active in the scene. I felt that the industry has changed and I couldn’t change with it.

I got frustrated. Mostly with myself. Because I felt like I couldn’t go with the flow anymore.

What made me continue blogging, though, was the itch. While yes, I had self-doubts and frustrations, it just didn’t feel right that I stop. Because writing is in my blood. It’s ingrained in me ever since.

And so after some reflection, I started again. Slowly but with more focus. And since then, it has brought me new experiences and newfound learnings.


I took blogging a bit more seriously, even if I had to juggle this and work and parenting. I built a self-hosted blog and migrated my old content to here. And I also worked on giving myself a niche, which is more on a mom’s lifestyle covering parenting, food, and other related themes.

While I’m not quite a big blogger or influencer, as what they’re called nowadays, I’m happy with how my blogging journey has been. My growth may not be as fast as the others, but I’m content at how things are — that even with a small share of voice, my audience (however small) find value in what I had to say.

I’m no mega-influencer but at least I know there are people who hear me and trust me. And even brands who think I am a good fit for their campaigns. They may be few and far between, but they already make my journey as a blogger more meaningful.

I may not be a big name in the industry, even if I’ve had blogged for more than a decade, but I’ll continue to use this space to share my experiences and influence with purpose.

It has been the root of my blog’s existence. And it’s how it’ll be for as long as I can write.

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