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Finally, after two emails, Kaitlin Pike of has responded to my query.

I’m posting her reply for my fellow Ciao! members who are affected by this “ban.”

We’ve unfortunately had to restrict our membership in order to clean up the site and increase the quality of reviews. Although many great members came from the now-banned regions, we weighed the costs against the benefits and found that we needed to focus the site’s reach.

I have made a payment request for you; you will receive your last payment on or about May 15. Thank you.

Kaitlin Pike
Community Manager, Ciao USA

So it is true that they banned certain regions because of numerous plagiarists and spammers from these countries. It is just quite unfortunate for honest posters (like us, hehe!) to be affected.

But at least we can be paid for all our hardwork.

It’s still cool, there’s still a lot of opportunities there, I know.

By the way, thanks to twopenneth on the heads-up. 🙂

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