My ear acupuncture experience

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It’s not the first time I’ve had acupuncture. A few years ago, I was invited by my then-officemate to an acupuncture clinic in Manila to write a PR about the clinic and the treatment. And to make me understand acupuncture more, he told the doctor/ practitioner to give me a basic treatment. I was made to lie down and she put needles on particular areas, from my temples to my arms down to my feet.

The acupuncture treatment was intended to help loosen trapped chi in my body. She said (if I remember correctly) that the trapped chi can cause some kind of imbalance in my body that can affect overall health. After an hour, once she removed the needles, I kind of felt more relaxed.

I enjoyed that acupuncture treatment and I wished I could experience that again.

So when I learned that one of my present officemates does ear acupuncture, I told her I wanted to try it. So one day, during a lull, she treated me to one.

She stuck 5 needles each ear, one needle for each target point. My officemate said that the first 2 points targeted stress, the third targeted the kidney, the fourth one the liver, and last was for the lungs.

I felt a bit of pain when she put the first 2 needles on my right ear. I think that meant I was pretty stressed. Well, being a mom and a career woman at the same time can get pretty tiring. The other 3 needles were not as painful, especially the last one (for the lungs) in which I didn’t feel much at all.

It was quite an experience. At first, it was like nothing was happening, then I felt my head, I dunno, get heavy? Like it was being enveloped in bubble wrap. But it wasn’t painful. After 30 minutes, the needles were removed. Honestly, I didn’t feel the effect of the ear acupuncture until my ride home. I felt sleepy! I guess the ear acupuncture helped my body relax.

Some people I know are iffy about undergoing acupuncture. But I must say, it’s a good treatment if you want to ease your mind and body. And I know acupuncture can treat ailments, even help in conception. Of course, you have to approach a legit practitioner. These are people who have undergone a lot of lessons on acupuncture.

Anyways, I must say that I liked my first-time ear acupuncture experience. I’d probably ask her if she can do that again to me. Probably next month. Hehe!


  1. Marie

    Wow I always wondered what acupuncture would be like. Did you feel any improvement after the session?

    8 years ago
    • moonchild117

      The latest one I had, the ear acupuncture, made me sleep well through the night. Actually, even while I was commuting home that day. I was already feeling sleepy inside the bus. Hehe! It’s relaxing for me. 🙂

      8 years ago

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