My Kasambahay Chronicles: Sudden start, quick end

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A month before I gave birth to my second child, my parents went to the province to look for a kasambahay. It was essential for us because there would already be 2 kids in the house and it would be difficult for my parents, who are both senior citizens, to take care of a preschooler and an infant during the day, especially when I get back to work.

They got a referral from someone they knew there. They hired 2 women who were willing to work here in Manila for a fair salary. It was arranged that they travel to Manila before Christmas.

Unfortunately, a storm arrived in the Visayas region then, rendering all forms of transportation paralyzed. When the weather cleared up, they made their way by sea to our home a day after Christmas.

That was when we met T1 and T2 (I’ll be using codenames for this post). I was told they were related, and that T1 was the one more willing to work for us. Since my parents were looking for 2, T1 convinced T2 to go with her. They both have families, though T2 was separated.

Their personal lives aside, both were very efficient with their work. They also took turns taking care of the new baby. The only thing my mom didn’t like was the fact that they were always on the phone talking to someone while working. Well, it was mostly T1 who was doing that. Talk about multitasking.

A few weeks into working for us, I noticed something about T1: she liked to flirt around. There was one time that I caught her talking with one of the construction workers in the neighborhood. I told my mom about it, of course, and she told them off in a calm manner. They have families, my mom reminded them, so they must act appropriately.

After that, all seemed well… until the time my mom gave them their first salary. T1 said that her sister, who’s just given birth, wanted her to come home and help take care of the baby. My mom, immediately suspicious of her statement, allowed T1 to go. T2 opted to stay.

The next week, T1 negotiated with a friend from the province — I’ll call her B — to replace her. After an interview, my parents accepted B as T1’s replacement. She started immediately after T1 left.

This was when T2 squealed of the real reason T1 left: she was going to stay with her boyfriend. Oh well. So we learned that she’s been unfaithful to her husband. But of course, we didn’t dip our hands in their domestic issues.

So now, we have T2 and B helping around the house. I just noticed, though, that B does “general cleaning” everyday: sweep, mop, wipe, wash every nook and cranny. And she launders and irons clothes everyday. Not too efficient on the use of soap, fab con, and electricity. Also, B has that know-it-all attitude, and does things her way even if my parents say otherwise. But she’s nice, they’re both nice.

Unfortunately (again), they have some family issues back in the province they have to address. Which means they both have to go. They’ll be leaving this Friday, a week before I am set to go back to work.

Great. And I thought the reason why we were getting househelp was because my parents would be needing assistance once I return to the workforce.

My mom is adamant on not letting them stay. She says she doesn’t want the negative vibes or, worse, be blamed for further domestic disputes on their end. She’s contacted an acquaintance to help look for someone who can help look after the baby, even if she isn’t stay-in.

T2, though, has shown intentions of coming back. But that would depend on my parents.

Whew, this story ended before it even began. And it’s suddenly made me look into the prospect of working from home.


Let’s see how this turns out.

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