My second trip to the OB-Gyne

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I was supposed to have my second check-up on Thursday, but I had an emergency question, so I thought I’d drop by the OB-Gyne yesterday afternoon.

Unfortunately, the doctor who checked on me the last time had too much patients that, according to her secretary, I could not be accommodated that time. So my mom decided to call the other OB-Gyne (the one whom we originally intended to visit the first time) and ask if I could schedule a check-up that day.

The said OB-Gyne was also my mom’s OB-Gyne when she gave birth to us siblings.

We came in earlier than scheduled, so we had to wait for a while until 4:30PM came. We just read some magazines and, eventually, I taught my mom to play Sudoku on the Nintendo DS Lite.

While waiting, too, a couple came in, inquiring about the OB-Gyne’s age. I think they were a bit shocked because they asked if there was another doctor the secretary could refer them to. By the way, my doctor is 79 years old. But she could still do her thing, as proven the other week when she had an emergency because one of her patients gave birth. So mom and I thought she could still handle it.

Anyways, she arrived and mom and I entered her clinic. Mom tells her, “I don’t know if you remember me.” “How can I forget,” the OB-Gyne says. Yep, she remembers her patients.

The next few minutes were pretty weird. She checked how big the baby was (9 weeks now) using her hands. In my thingie. Again, I felt violated, but I’m slowly learning to relax.

Everything’s normal, she says my baby’s fine, and she gave me more vitamins (folic acid) and something for my cough. And yes, she allowed me to go out of town for the weekend, provided I get to rest once in a while. Coolness!

I feel more comfortable with her than the first OB (which was her daughter). I’m transferring to her starting today. Besides, she’s some hundred pesos less expensive than her daughter.

I just have to get used to the fact that they’re gonna have to manually check my baby inside my thingie.

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