My very early birthday gift

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I’m actually very sleepy to work. My fingers are getting sloppy and my eyes are getting heavy. Man, I need something to perk me up!

Anyway, last night hubby and I met for dinner. The first thing he said was, “I have your birthday gift with me right now. Want to see it?”

My birthday isn’t coming until November. Heck, even my brother whose natal month is October hasn’t turned a year older yet.

But I wanted to see it, since it was there already. I guess he was as excited as me because he had to ask. He told me he could wrap it first then let me open it, but I thought that was just a waste of time.

So he opened his bag and… voila! It was a piano black Nintendo DS light. Coolness.

He had it bought in Hong Kong (but the charger said it was made in the Philippines) so it must be some grand lower than what Greenhills sells. No accessories yet, just the unit.

Well, apparently he’s the one tinkering with it right now. And he refuses to put the background color to my favorite, pink.

Wait a minute, I thought this was mine?

Oh right, conjugal property.

Well that also means he can’t color the background in green. 🙂

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