NBI Clearance Online Application: My personal experience

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Truth be told, it’s been years since I last applied for an NBI Clearance. Heck, it must have been almost a decade. But because circumstances — which is to say a movement in employment — led me to this, I went ahead and applied for an updated clearance.

My sister told me that the process is now done online. Actually, most of it. You still have to make a personal appearance to have your photo and biometric fingerprint taken. But I believe with this new process, the steps are now expedited.

Whereas before you have to spend half or even the whole day for processing, it’s now easier thanks to the NBI Clearance Online Services.

So how is it done now? Here are the steps to undertake:

1. Go to https://www.nbi-clearance.com/ to sign up. If, like me, you haven’t applied for a clearance for the last 2 years, click NEW. If you have recently applied and want to renew, click RENEW.

NBI Clearance Online Services

2. Since I’ve not renewed my NBI Clearance since 2008 and I need the new one to reflect my married name, I chose NEW. An online form will appear, which you need to accomplish.

NBI Clearance Online Services

Remember to fill out all fields correctly and supply a working email address. Click “I Accept Terms of Service” then “Sign In”.

Note that the email field says that confirmation is required. Based on my experience, I did not receive any confirmation email but was able to sign in to the website even without it.

3. Once logged in, you can continue editing your profile to fill out the other necessary information like Place of Birth, Nationality, and Parent’s Names.

NBI Clearance Online Services

You can still edit what you’ve entered by clicking the “Edit Information” button on the top left. If everything is good and you now want to apply for your NBI Clearance, just tick “Apply For Clearance”.

4. Upon applying for clearance, you will be taken to a page with a calendar and a drop-down list of NBI branches where you can process your clearance. Just choose a date convenient to you; they have morning and afternoon schedules.

NBI Clearance Online Services

On the left side, you will see “Purpose” (local or abroad) and “Purpose Detail” (where will you use the clearance for). I entered “Local” for Purpose and “Local Employment” for Purpose Detail.

There’s a fee of PHP 115 for the clearance. Additional fees are incurred depending on the payment option you use. The ones available are Banks Over the Counter, Banks Online, Mobile Banking, and Bayad Center.

They said you can pay personally at the NBI branch, but it’s weird that that option isn’t here. Hmm…

Anyway, the site will give you a list of banks and Bayad Centers where you can pay the fee. As for Mobile Banking, I believe it’s only through GCash.

For my application, I chose “Banks Over the Counter” and picked Unionbank as my choice. It was the nearest bank from where I was. There’s an additional fee of PHP 25, so all in all I paid PHP 140. Payments are coursed through DragonPay. Just follow the instructions there, and take note of the 10-digit Bank Reference Number as well as the alpha-numeric Reference Number. As per my experience in Unionbank, they asked me to put the 10-digit Bank Reference Number in the Bills Payment Slip.

5. You can check the status of your payment on your NBI Clearance Online account by clicking “Transactions” found at the right-side menu. It will initially appear as “Pending”, which means that DragonPay hasn’t sent the payment yet (they process payments end of day). When the NBI site has received your payment, the status will change to “Paid” and you can print out the details of your transaction.

NBI Clearance Online Services

Again, take note of your reference number because, according to NBI, you have to present that when you go to the branch on your scheduled date and time. And that’s the next step.

So how was my experience with the NBI Clearance Online Services? It was pretty quick and easy. Now the only thing I would have to watch out for is how the process of picture-taking and fingerprint scanning would be. From the sites that I’ve checked out, some was not satisfied because they had some issues with the waiting time despite having applied online and presenting their reference numbers.

Oh well, that remains to be seen. I’ll let you know once I’m done with it.

I guess I still have to come to the NBI branch early.

But as far as the online application went, I must say it was pretty convenient for me.

Have you used the NBI Clearance Online Services? Share your experience!


So I went to the NBI branch I chose during my application. Remember I said that the website allowed users to choose from a morning and afternoon schedule? Well, in the branch at Robinsons Galleria, you’ll still be given a number. The NBI representative said that it was due to the many applications they receive each day. Not sure about the other branches, though, but this is how it goes at the NBI in Galleria.

NBI Clearance Online
Contestant, erm, Applicant #31. And I arrived at 7:30 AM.

Apparently, there is a way that you can pay over the counter on the day of your scheduled appearance, but I don’t know how that goes. I would recommend, though, to pay online way before your chosen schedule so that you’re sure your payment has gone through. Plus, when you’ve already paid online, the only thing to be done is to have your headshot, signature, and fingerprints taken.

And… I HAVE A HIT! #huhubels I didn’t have a hit during my last application, when I was still single. I guess having a common surname (that of my husband’s) and an even more common first name yields unfortunate results. I have to come back next week to claim my NBI clearance. But if you’re clear, you’ll get yours instantly. The capture-and-print process is so fast, you’ll spend more time waiting in line than getting your NBI Clearance. Really.

Will update you again when I’ve claimed my NBI Clearance. 🙂


I got my NBI Clearance, woot! But I won’t show it to you because I don’t look good on my picture, LOL! Anyhoo, if you’re coming back to the branch because you had a hit like me, you need not fall in line with the other applicants. Just proceed to the Releasing area and show them your reference number. Yep, that’s all you need to bring. They’ll instantly print out the clearance and that’s it! You can go ahead with your agenda for the day.

Hope I helped you out with how to get your NBI Clearance!



  1. Monching Weller

    I think it still depends if you have a “hit”, but my experience with the new NBI clearance system was a cinch. Went there around 12 noon (but it’s better to be early), and 90 minutes later – I’m already waiting for a jeep to Libis so I can submit the clearance to my new employer. 🙂

    5 years ago
    • Michelle Roldan

      Nice to hear that! 🙂 Did you schedule your visit to the branch for the afternoon? Regardless, 90 minutes is pretty quick compared to the previous (and very tedious) process.

      Here’s hoping I don’t get a “hit” with my married name. 🙂

      5 years ago
      • Monching Weller

        Yes, actually 🙂 Good thing the Ali Mall satellite center had a lot of slots available when I scheduled. And I do agree with you on how the process has taken a very big step compared to before.

        The very first time I got my NBI clearance as a hassle – lined up at around 5:00 in the morning and I ended at 2:00 in the afternoon (na-hit pa yun). 🙁

        Best of luck!

        5 years ago
  2. jastine

    hi, i have a scheduled appointment last august 18,2016 and had paid already that same day as well but I wasn’t able to attend that appointment due to busy schedule til now.Is my reference no. still valid or should i pay a new one again?

    5 years ago
    • Michelle Roldan

      Hi, Jastine! Not sure but I think you should get a new reference number. It would be best to contact the NBI for that.

      5 years ago
  3. che

    Anyone who has a list or a photo of the list of accepted IDs in NBI? I saw what they posted online but the list I saw in Cubao is a longer list. Unfortunately I was not able to take a photo of that list. Thank you in advance

    5 years ago
    • Michelle Roldan

      From my research online, you only need to bring 2 of the following valid IDs:

      – Authenticated birth certificate (I brought my NSO copy)
      – SSS ID
      – GSIS UMID
      – TIN ID
      – Philhealth ID
      – Postal ID
      – Voter’s ID
      – Valid passport
      – Driver’s license
      – PRC license
      – School ID (brought my company ID just in case)
      – Senior Citizen’s ID
      – Previous NBI clearance copy
      – Alien Certificate of Registration

      To be safe, bring any government-issued ID + NSO birth certificate + school or company ID when claiming your clearance. Just make sure that your ID should clearly show your full name and photo, must be an original document, and in good condition.

      5 years ago

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