Wake Up to New Breakfast Items from Starbucks

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Wake up to something good as Starbucks Philippines presents its new breakfast items. Yup, there are new food options on the menu that will surely fill your tummy and give you a fresh start for the day.

Fruit and Nut Toast - Starbucks Philippines Breakfast Items

First up is the Fruit and Nut Toast, a coffeehouse classic baked with whole grain, sweet dried berries, orange peel, and nuts. Eat it as is or serve it with butter and jam.

Berry Chia Overnight Oats - Starbucks Philippines Breakfast Items

For those who want to have their daily dose of fiber, get the Berry Chia Overnight Oats. It’s made with a unique mix of berries, almond, pistachio, chia seeds, rolled oats, whole milk, and Greek yogurt. Now that takes care of your daily serving of vitamins and fiber.

Sous Vide Egg White with Couscous and Quinoa - Starbucks Philippines Breakfast Items

Need some energy to get you going for the day? If so, order the Sous Vide Egg White with Couscous and Quinoa. Starbucks uses the French “sous vide” technique on the eggs to produce a velvety texture. Mixed couscous, vegetables, and quinoa on the side accompany this dish.

Spinach Fritata - Starbucks Philippines Breakfast Items

Loading up on protein? The Spinach Mushroom Fritata is a smart choice. Enjoy a mix of egg whites, spinach, mushroom, and cheese that’s sure to delight your taste buds. And your tummy, too!

Pair these new breakfast items with a Starbucks Espresso or Cold Brew and give your mornings a jolt! All these are available at a Starbucks store near you so go grab them now!

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