New Downy Detergent Makes Laundry Times Easier

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I must admit, doing the laundry is my least favorite household chore. True, there’s just me, hubby, and the kids. But with the amount of clothes that pile up, it’s really hard to do the washing. Especially if you’re doing it by hand. Which I do.

A lot of the articles that I was include the kids’ uniform and undergarments, hubby’s shirts that he wears to work, and my office clothes. And because these type of clothing is seen by other people, I have to make sure that they’re sparkling clean, or immaculately white like the kids’ blouses, and without the kulob smell.

And that proved to me a challenge for me, since I’d have to wash with detergent, put bleach on whites, and also rinse them in water with fabric conditioner. Tedious, right?

But you know what, I discovered something that would ease my laundry process: the New Downy Detergent.

New Downy Detergent - Product

I recently tried it during my weekend laundry (because that’s the only time I can do it since I have a regular day job) and, to be honest, I felt like washing our clothes has become a lot easier. See, the New Downy Detergent has Superior Cleaning Formula that transforms yellowish clothes to sparkling clean. Really effective on the kids’ blouses, undergarments, and their white hoodies that they wear to school.

#NewDownyDetergent - Action

What’s also great about the New Downy Detergent is that it has the world’s first-ever Perfume Boosters that gives long-lasting freshness to the washed clothes. I actually tried not putting fabric conditioner on the final rinse. Guess what? The clothes still smelled super nice! And the scent isn’t too strong that it would irritate your nose. I even hung the clothes indoors and there’s no smell of kulob after drying. Whew!


I’d also like to say that, compared to other detergents, the New Downy Detergent is gentle on hands. Which is great for people like me who hand-wash their clothes. There’s no itchy feeling during and after doing the laundry, which I usually experience with other brands. That’s a big benefit for me, I must say.

New Downy Detergent - Ready to Laundry

So, will I recommend the New Downy Detergent? Why not, right? I will definitely recommend the New Downy Detergent to members of our mommy club. Mommy Blogger Pehpot Mommy Club is a mommy community on Facebook created by Mommy Pehpot. And, of course, I recommend it to other moms out there as well.

The #NEWDownyDETERGENT is now available in supermarkets. For more information, visit the Facebook and Instagram pages of Downy Philippines.


  1. Jean Ricamata

    I love Downy too. Super fresh NG smell

    2 years ago
    • Michelle

      Yes, ambango, diba? 🙂

      2 years ago

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