New Year, 2021

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So yeah, it’s already 2021.

To be honest, I still remember the last fun moment of last year — Parasite winning Best Picture at the Oscars.

And then everything went crazy.

Second Singapore trip thwarted. Began working from home. Had COVID-19 scare in the workplace. Had anxiety attacks. Opted to homeschool the kids. Was given additional responsibilities at work. Moved out of the condo. Moved back in to the newly renovated house (of my parents).

In between, I scoured for a sense of normalcy. Which I guess compounded my anxiety. But of course, I had to stay stable as much and as best as I can since there can only be one anxious person in the fam (and that’s my mom, hehe).

Ten months into the pandemic, I’m still learning how to adjust. My mind still goes haywire from time to time, especially if I think about my responsibilities for the home, the kids’ homeschool, and work.

And that’s also probably why I’ve not been writing a lot. Well, I usually lose my mojo after my birthday, I dunno.

But well, I gotta suck it up, right? Start again in 2021.

Besides, the New Year’s the perfect time to restart. Right?


With all the things that happened last year, it’s so tempting to say “good riddance, 2020.”

But we still can’t get rid of 2020, not until we get our pandemic measures straightened out.

So yeah, we still have to be careful.


2020 may have been a sucky year for a lot of us. But there are still learnings to be found from the rubble.

On my end, I learned more about my strengths and weaknesses as an individual. I discovered people whom I can really rely on. I learned that there are things that I can control and there are those that I should just let be. And I learned that despite the craziness of the past year, I can remain hopeful that even in the not-so-new normal, things will be okay.


Okay, so maybe I should stop writing and finish my bottle of soju.

Speaking of which, the So Nice brand of soju is, well, not so nice. I dunno. Jinro still has it in my book.

That’s it.

Happy new year, everyone. I hope things go well for you. For all of us.

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