Not a big fan

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… of typhoons, that is.

I’m okay with the rain. It’s been a while since there had been some. After El Nino, it’s pretty much welcome.

But typhoons are a different matter. They’re included in my “Fear Of” list.

So I’m really hoping that Conson/Basyang won’t cause much flooding anywhere in the Philippines.

And I’d like to apologize for being overly sensitive. I just don’t like it when people are happy when it rains heavily. Because you’ve never experienced how it’s like to lose almost everything in a flood. Not just once, for that matter.

And I sure hope that it won’t happen to you.


  1. michicoo

    gotta agree with this. i do like rains too, especially the ones that quench the earth’s thirst. i used to get excited hearing pitter patters, signal of playtime in the rain. now, i’ve gotten to a point where i get so annoyed with people loving the heavy rains, saying it’s such a nice weather to cuddle in, read a book, have a cup of hot choco… it’s easy to do that when you’re not worrying about flood.

    11 years ago
    • moonchild117

      too true…

      11 years ago

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