Mommy Diary: Not in the Honor Roll

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“Mom, I’m not going to the recognition day this year. I didn’t make [the grade].”

Eldest told me this weeks ago. Up to this day, I can still remember how she told it to me.

She looked okay but I knew she was a bit upset.

Eldest is (was, since the school year is done) in Grade 4. From Kinder up to Grade 3, she always had a medal and certificate for academic achievement.

This year, her average fell short of making it to the honor roll. Three points short.

And I sensed her sadness. Probably a bit of frustration, too.

I felt bad that she felt bad.

But, well, that’s how the world works. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down.

She admitted that she had a bit of a hard time coping with her lessons this school year. And, to be honest, so did I. 😛

But her grades weren’t bad. Not exactly dazzling marks but not failing, either.

That’s why when she told me that, I consoled her.

I told her that it was okay that she doesn’t get a medal this year or she won’t be attending her recognition rites.

Because what’s important is that she learned something.

And that she strives to be a good person (even though it’s hard, as she was bullied for a time).

For me and her dad, seeing her do her best is an accomplishment in itself.

Medals, they won’t matter in the real world. Attitude does. And that’s what we want her to build up. Because having a good attitude, the right outlook in life, will take her places.

I hope she believes me — us — when we say we are proud of her. Because we are, very much.

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