Nutri10Plus Syrup: A good supplement to my child’s diet

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As a mom, I always want the best for my children. And besides the essentials like food, clothing, and education, one thing that I consider of great importance is their health. That’s why besides giving my daughters good food, I also give them vitamin supplements.

My 7-year-old is a very active kid. Whether in school or at home or outside on a weekend break, she’s always has her lively and bubbly side on. I love seeing her this way; I don’t like it when she’s feeling sluggish or sick.

Nutri10Plus Syrup
Zee, my first-born, is such a ball of energy, and I like always seeing her this way.

That’s why I’m glad to try out Nutri10Plus Syrup for children. Promoting good health in kids for a lifestyle that’s “Aktibo’t Malakas,” I believe Nutri10Plus Syrup is a good supplement to my daughter’s diet.

Nutri10Plus Syrup contains the following:

Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) – helps kids reach their full height potential

Taurine – good for the brain, heart, and eyes

Lysine – promotes better appetite

Zinc – for stronger immune system

Nutri10Plus Syrup
Nutri10Plus Syrup, helping kids become “Aktibo’t Malakas”

I gave my eldest Nutri10Plus once a day every day. It’s been more than two weeks and I’ve noticed an increase in her appetite. Before, she would come home from school with her lunch untouched. Now, she’s able to finish her lunch food (as well as her snacks) and arrive at home still looking for food, LOL! (At first glance, you won’t be able to see the effect since she’s pretty thin — takes after her dad — but she eats 5 to 6 times a day now!)

I’m so glad I was given Nutri10Plus Syrup, thanks to Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Wert Philippines. I will continue to include this in her diet, as supplement to her food, and hope to see more improvements in her. 🙂

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