Officially a “Mrs.” :)

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It’s been a month now after the big event… and surprisingly, I’m blogging about it just now.

I blame it on the loss of Internet access, but anyhoo…

I am now Mrs. Roldan!

In the eyes of God and by law, I am now married, thus this blog is now active (again). Hehe!

Believe me, the wedding day is still fresh in my mind. It was an exciting day for both of us. Despite the minor glitches during the event, it was still magical, surreal.

Now we’re enjoying each other’s company for longer periods of time (compared when we weren’t married yet). We just moved into a little apartment. Well, we’re just renting the place, hopefully by next year we’ll be finding a place that we could really call our own.

As for a baby, well, we’ll see what happens. God will give it to us when He thinks we are ready for it.

Ah, new civil status, new apartment, and a new professional career to boot. Everything’s going smoothly.

Well, maybe except for the paperworks. That’s going to be a bit of a pain.

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