Officially moved into my parents’ home

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Yep, after a year and a half of living in a rented apartment, hubby and I decided to stay at my parents’ house for the meantime due to a number of reasons.

First, rent has gone up. Hubby just transferred to a new company that currently offers him less than what he earned while in his previous job (that’s a different story altogether… I think I posted it here somewhere), and Zee needs loads of stuff every month. Calculating all the expenses versus savings leaves us with just a few to get by. Moving to my parents would kinda help us save a bit.

Second, with a year and a half’s worth of rentals, we’ve spent more than Php60,000 just for the apartment. Connect that with reason #1.

Third, we realized that after Zee’s birth, we were actually spending less time in the apartment. Whenever hubby has to go on OT, Zee spends the night with my parents. Actually, she spends the whole day there since we take her to her grandparents every morning. Now that we’re staying with them, that means less hassle of driving Zee to and from the apartment everyday.

Fourth, my parents have given a portion of the house on which we could build our own space. To save up for that means we have to lessen our expenses. The apartment rental was one of the bigger expenses, so we had to give that up.

So there. My mom and dad built us a temporary room in the area that occupied the former dining area. All our things are there… and some are scattered still inside the bodega and the former mini bookstore. We’ll be taking care of that bit by bit.

This also means a bit of an adjustment to our lifestyle as husband and wife, I guess. Hubby has to learn the “ways” of the house since of course those who own it are the ones who rule it, technically. He knows that it’s just a temporary thing, so he’s really focused into saving up and working on the “Roldan family project.”

Here’s hoping things go smoothly for the next few months…


  1. Ivy@Spinning Lovely Days

    We’re renting too and every time we pay rent, I think, “If only the amount was going to something that would eventually become our own…” Hope the move goes smoothly. 🙂

    12 years ago
    • moonchild117

      Thanks, sis. That was what we thought, too. If only the apartment was rent-to-own…

      12 years ago
  2. Sansan

    I’m back at my parent’s house too. *lol* but it’s a good thing too since I’ve been living alone for 7 years. hope everything goes well in your end. 😀

    12 years ago
  3. jenie=)

    renting is not such a good idea really. you lose without any gain. i’d rather go with rent-to-own. thankfully, i don’t need to yet.

    thanks to filipino tradition of staying with parents as long as there’s no problem at both ends, we children can stay in their wings at times like these and them parents can continue being with their kids though they don’t want to admit it ;0

    12 years ago

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