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On the (house) hunt

I’m actually keeping this a secret from my folks. That’s unless, of course, they discovered this blog.

But yeah, hubby and I are thinking of bolting out of my parents’ house. Bumukod, kumbaga. Not that we don’t want to stay here anymore (which is a big convenience for us, considering that we don’t have a yaya for our daughter), but I think it’s high time we become independent, as our own unit.

We went into a tripping yesterday, in a condominium just near where we’re presently staying. The place is nice, with good amenities. The price of the smallest unit (30 sq m with 2 bedrooms already) seems okay, I think we can afford that. But we’re still not sure if we’re taking it, because we’re also considering some other locations. Preferably near my parents’ place or his folks, since we’re both working and we need to leave Zee behind.

There’s a certain uneasiness in me, just like when hubby and I were starting out and renting an apartment. But I think this kind of life-changing experience is badly needed, especially by me — a certified sheltered girl who’s lousy on chores. And I think it’s high time that hubby and I do some investing on properties. 

Let’s see what happens in the coming days.




  1. Yam Yam

    Congratulations then!! 🙂 having your own place would really be something, test of independence really. Unsolicited notes though, (based on personal experience) please make sure you get everything covered particularly insurance and limitations, i bought a house recently and what the representative told me before i bought the property was different from what was in the contract. 🙁 now i’m having problems to go about dealing with the customer service department. And whatever is said and promised, everything should be in writing and signed. i learned the hard way, was too excited buying a property.

    28 . Aug . 2012
    • Yam Yam

      I found out about the differences AFTER i paid for the 10% downpayment and 5 months in to the 12 month installment of the other 10% downpayment. total downpayment is 20% amounting to 400k :s

      28 . Aug . 2012
    • moonchild117

      really? malaki na rin pala yung nagastos mo dun sa property. kami rin, we were pretty excited to get our own place and found one that kinda fits the budget. we actually went tripping and the agents showed us the model units and the amenities. yun lang, they were pressuring us to decide until friday this week if we’re getting it or not. they even asked a minimal fee para ma-lock in daw yung reservation just in case (but refundable naman daw if we decide not to push through) kasi magtataas na raw sila ng prices by september. i thought of researching about the property and the developer just this morning and turns out that some of the residents have problems with the developer. worse, may ibang wala pang titles even if tapos na sila magbayad — resulting to lawsuits. buti na lang may google. kundi yari kami in the future.

      now we’re back to searching for other properties. also keeping in mind to consult HLURB about the properties we’re eyeing.

      thanks for dropping by!

      28 . Aug . 2012
  2. nvtellan

    Hi moonchild!
    Since you are still living with your parents (not something to be ashamed of and still a good opportunity to canvass while having a family looking after Zee), have you ever considered buying a house ang lot and not a condo? Well, condos have their own ups too but as for me, I opted to buy a vacant lot and constructed a small 2 bedroom house. The lot is 150sqm and the house I built is just 35 sqm. Since short on budget, this will do for now. At least I still have room for expansion… like another 2-story house in the future. 🙂
    Sabi nga nila, iba pa rin daw ang may sariling lupa.

    17 . Sep . 2012
    • moonchild117

      buying a lot crossed my mind (ok lang sana house and lot kaya lang medyo mahal na rin pag within the metro, lalo na yung sa gusto naming lugar). i think hubby’s just itching to have a place of our own immediately kaya naisipan nya na mag-inquire dun sa mga agents na nagbebenta ng condos. my in-laws also told us to buy a lot/ house and lot instead of a condo din. my parents naman (yeah, got to telling them na rin, hehe) are wary about getting loans, baka di raw namin mabayaran (walang tiwala, hehe!). still, we’re weighing options and taking all factors into consideration. grabe, hirap nito a. 😛

      thanks for dropping by!

      17 . Sep . 2012
  3. nvtellan

    As for the loans, mabilis mag-release ng pera kapag sa banks but much lower amortization interest rates kapag sa GSIS or PAG-IBIG (last time I checked, mas ok sa PAG-IBIG kesa sa GSIS). Also, it would take months (I’ve heard stories of 6 months waiting time) for these government agencies to release the loan. But this was during the previous administration, ewan lang ngayon sa Aquino administration.
    I got my loan from a bank since cash and rush ang preferred ng seller ng lot kaya napilitan din ako. Syempre, i-assess din ng banks ang paying capacity nyo based sa gusto nyo loan amount.

    20 . Sep . 2012
  4. Gino

    yan yung masarap na part.

    19 . Nov . 2012
    • moonchild117

      Masarap na mahirap. Daming factors to consider kasi. Anyways, we’re giving ourselves until mid-2013. Pag by that time walang mangyari, kotse na lang muna. Hahahaha!

      19 . Nov . 2012

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