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I guess I’ve never been much of a news person. But because a colleague of mine drew my attention to this, I had to research… and eventually take some (small) action.

SSS president Romulo Neri announced that the said government institution is planning to shell out Php12.5 billion to fund the “stimulus package” which, they say, will help the country manage through and after the economic crisis. The SSS multi-billion contribution, which is just a portion of the said fund, will help provide financing for private and business projects.

The “stimulus package” amounts to Php300 billion.

Aside from the link above, here are other articles I’ve found over the Net about the news:

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Tribune.net.ph: Keep off RP workers’ social security funds, solons tell GMA
Abs-cbnnews.com: SSS’ share in stimulus fund a good investment: Neri
Manilatimes.net: Neri defends SSS fund channeling

So, does this mean the regular social security contribution I’m giving every month will go somewhere else? And not, for instance, to my maternity benefits?


Geez, I can’t even feel that my taxes are working for me.

It hurts that Filipinos give a lot to this country, but they don’t get the good treatment they deserve.

And this news comes out in a very timely fashion — one year away from the 2010 National Elections, when politicians will have to “shell out” money to “fund” their campaigns.

So… where will this fund go to again?

That’s why I decided to take a small step to making people aware of this “suspicious” move by Mr. Neri. I received this online petition that seeks to protect the contributions of SSS, GSIS, OWWA, et al members created by selected party lists and written by a group called Profund. I put my signature in because I believe that my contributions should benefit me as a member directly and not be used for the benefit of corrupt people in power who have turned away from their oath of serving us.

Besides, with his track record, I don’t believe in Romulo Neri. Hehe, evil me, but yeah.

If you want to uphold your right as an SSS/GSIS/OWWA member and a Filipino, please spread this petition. Thanks!

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