One week

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That’s how long hubby has been working for his present employer.

This was one of my answered prayers, actually. Since mid-December last year, he’s been on the lookout for a new job, submitting resumes here and there, and attending interviews in between.

It came as a surprise; what was supposed to be his interview date turned out to be his first day at work. On that first day, he went on overtime. Last weekend, they did an overnight brainstorming session. Yesterday, he called up to tell me that he’ll be coming home early morning the next day (which was just this morning).

I guess we shouldn’t be complaining, right? He’s got a job, which means he’s going to earn money, and they’re giving everyone tasks to do, which means the company’s earning.

I’m just worried Zee won’t see him much during her waking hours.


Speaking of the little girl, it’s Zee’s 7th month today. She was born at about this time seven months ago. Wow.

Now she’s mumbling things, sticking her tongue out, drooling everywhere, pulling everyone’s hair, and trying to balance herself while inside her playpen. She plays with everyone, she even likes her yaya, but she really loves staying with her lola so much that she doesn’t even recognize her own bed back at the apartment.

Gotta remind myself to take a picture of her tonight.


  1. rj's mama

    congratulations to your hubby 🙂

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    12 years ago
  2. jenie=)

    hey there! come visit my latest post and comment if you’re also as proud i am right now of these Filipinos! it’s worth seeing…;)

    12 years ago

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