The Quest for the Perfect Birthday Cake for Eldest

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Eldest celebrated her birthday recently. And because it fell within the time of community quarantine, I wanted to make her birthday a bit more special. So my idea: get her a special birthday cake.

Background: since May, she would be bringing up the topic of her birthday and how it’s going to be, in her words, “boring.” I think she’s pretty upset that this year it won’t be like the previous ones when she celebrated with her classmates or with the family almost complete (my sister, her tita, would come home from Singapore every end of June, in time for her birthday). This year, it was going to be without classmates, without her tita, and without even eating out.

So hubby and I thought of a simple surprise for her, so that at least she’ll feel that it’s not the usual celebration (also: hubby’s birthday came 2 weeks before; before that, it was my mom’s). Pondering on it, I wondered: what if I give her a unique birthday cake? Something that’s not store-bought.

Once I decided on it (and figured we had extra moolah for this), I went online to search for a cake maker. During this pandemic, I wanted to support small home businesses so I looked for and made a short-list of home bakers that can 1) make the design I wanted for my kid; and 2) deliver to our place despite the quarantine.

What was the birthday cake design I wanted?

Chimmy of BT21.

BT21 Chimmy

My kids — and yes, hubby — stan BTS. They each have their biases, too. Eldest’s was Jimin, and she liked the BT21 counterpart, Chimmy. That gave me an idea to find a Chimmy cake for her birthday.

I asked for referrals from co-parents. One of them who bakes doesn’t do customized cakes yet. Another referred me to a neighbor who knows someone who can customize cakes but unfortunately, I can’t find reviews on their works.

So I searched on Facebook on small businesses who can do customized cakes. I found Cess C. Custom Cakes from Cainta and inquired on their prices. I didn’t book them immediately; I inquired at another cake shop located in the Kapasigan area who also does customized cakes. What made me decide on Cess C. was seeing in her FB albums a Chimmy cake and the reviews left by her customers on her FB page. In fairness, they were pretty good reviews.

It was just the first week of June but the owner told me that her schedule’s pretty full already. But if I made a deposit by the weekend, she could accommodate my order. Well, didn’t think twice and deposited the full amount already and sent her my order details. All I had to do was wait.

We communicated a day before Eldest’s birthday and she sent me a photo of the cake before having it delivered to us. It was pretty exciting, I wanted to see Eldest’s face when she sees the cake.

Before noon, the cake arrived!

BT21 Chimmy birthday cake

In fairness, I think they did well with the design. Eldest’s expression summed it up: her face lighted up once she saw it. And I knew we made a good decision by picking Cess C. Custom Cakes for this special occasion.

The problem now was that Eldest did not want to eat the cake because it was too cute, LOL!

The cake was pretty big, too. As of today, 3 days after the celebration, we haven’t consumed half of it (well, it’s just 2 adults and 2 kids at home). Also, Bunso was screaming at us not to cut Chimmy’s face. We’ve already started with one ear, though. Goodness, how are we going to eat this?

Taste-wise, the cake itself was decadent. A small slice was already filling. We chose the chocolate flavor (I believe vanilla and red velvet are the other cake flavors) since I knew the kids won’t eat anything other than chocolate. The cake would pair well with black coffee or a cold glass of milk. For me, it would be good if there were walnuts in the cake. But hey, it was all good.

Chimmy BT21 custom cake birthday

It was definitely a happy birthday for Eldest. And now Bunso wants her own Tata cake for her birthday. Yeah, we will. On December. 😀


During this time, let’s support small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs. For custom cakes for all occasions, contact Cess C. Custom Cakes via Facebook or call them at 0921-565-3727. Starting price for customized cakes is at Php1,500; inquire directly for an exact quote. They’re located in Cainta, Rizal but they can deliver within nearby areas. 🙂

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