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Today, I’m writing this post while inside my sister’s room. Well, it used to be our shared room before I got married. Before that, it was the room where our maternal grandmother stayed in before she migrated to Canada (she’s moved back to the PH, in Cebu at present).

My sister recently flew to Singapore to grab a wonderful career opportunity there.

She left the room in such a way any OC person would be proud of. The bed’s neatly made, pillows stacked by the headboard. On one side, all the things she chose to leave behind kept in big plastic boxes (she brought almost everything to SG — she was allowed up to 9 balikbayan boxes; most that’s here at home are for garage sale or disposal). On the shelves, some knick-knacks and stuff that may be of use to her, probably when she gets back.

And on the walls, lists of tasks and inspiration boards.

For those reading this, it would sound like a description of the room. But for me, it describes the person who occupied it. Someone who had things in order, who had plans in mind, who had a sharp focus on her short-term and long-term goals.

Someone so unlike me.

I admire my sister for that. I must admit that, somehow, I am envious of that trait of hers, too.

I’ve never been the kind of person who looked beyond. I was always content of the here-and-now. But now, as a married person and a parent, it’s dawned on me that it’s not enough to just concentrate on the present. Looking around my sister’s room and what she’s left here, I realized that it’s important to channel my focus on the future. Mine, my family’s, especially my children’s future.

That’s why this 2017, this is my mantra:

Focus. Made with

FOCUS on creating short-term and long-term goals, and meeting them.

FOCUS on increasing our savings.

FOCUS on maintaining our emergency fund.

FOCUS on ending debt.

FOCUS on stability.

FOCUS on getting the job done, in the best way possible.

FOCUS on maintaining good health.

FOCUS on having a happy, nurturing family.

FOCUS on being patient and kind.

FOCUS on continuous self-improvement.

And oh, FOCUS on finishing building my new blog.

That are the points I (and the Mr. and the whole family) will focus on this year.

I’m not one to make New Year’s Resolutions. But I think it”s important to have some sort of goal for the year. Hopefully, I’ll be able to fulfill most, if not all, of the focus points for 2017.

Kinda late for a new year’s greeting. Still, have a blessed 2017. And yeah, Xin Nian Kuai Le, too.

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