Petsa De Peligro Hacks (How to Save When It Isn’t Payday Yet): Rewards Card

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Since I’ve become a mom, I’ve been finding ways on getting to save during shopping. Yes, I’m a fan of sales and discounts. I love scoring clothes in tiangges and shops (once, in Glorietta, I was able to buy good-quality cullotes for Php150; Landmark was also my friend, hehe). In supermarkets, I’d be price-conscious and choose food items that give me more value for my money.

Besides sales and discounts, one thing I’ve also gotten into was getting reward cards. Okay, I used to have SMAC but the last one I didn’t get to renew; was just too busy (or lazy?) to do so. But I’ve signed up for Robinsons, Suki Card, CliQQ, and Super8. Using them up to now.

My go-to was always the Robinsons Rewards Card that I use in Robinsons Supermarket and Department Store, and its other affiliate stores. Well, except for Caltex because that’s where hubby uses his Happy Plus Card. Hehe! Anyways, when in Robinsons Galleria (which is also our go-to mall, haha!), I’d be showing the card (now the app) every time I pay so that I can earn points since each point becomes equivalent to One Peso.

I’ve been using the Robinsons Rewards Card for so long that I’ve forgotten that part, one point = One Peso. That’s why I got a bit (pleasantly) surprised that I was able to purchase something without having to cash out.

Eldest needed something for school so I went to Daiso in Robinsons Galleria to buy it. I figured that what she needed may cost cheaper there than when I buy that in the department store. Found what I needed and went to the cashier to pay. I asked the cashier if they accept Robinsons Rewards and she said yes. So I showed her the app so that I can earn some points from my purchase worth Php88. Then she asked me if I wanted to pay using my points instead.

Uh, what? After a few seconds’ pause, I asked her to clarify what she said.

Ms. Cashier said that since I have 160++ points in my Rewards App, she suggested I use it to pay so I don’t have to pay using cash.

Oo nga pala, one point = One Peso. So I was, like, why not?

Robinsons Rewards Card - Petsa de Peligro Hacks
Good thing I can use my Robinsons Rewards Card at Daiso. 🙂

The transaction happened last February 27 (a Thursday), a day before payday, or what we call in the Philippines “Petsa de Peligro.”

A big YAY!

Never thought that my Rewards Card would come to my rescue on Petsa de Peligro. So happy!

To be honest, I’ve never thought of my reward cards as a life-saver, especially on those days before payday. For that transaction, I saved up to double the amount that I spend for commuting to and from work. Yes, it’s less than Php100, but every peso counts, right?

So there you go, my realization that having a reward card or privilege card is, well, rewarding! I’d probably be looking into getting more of them. Any suggestions what rewards card I should get next?


Also, through the CliQQ rewards app, I also found out that 7-11 is having a Bring Your Own Cup promo for their coffee. Pay only Php20 for City Blends or Php35 for Prima when you buy their coffee using your own reusable mug or tumbler. ANY SIZE, GUYS! Php20 for a 16oz coffee (originally worth Php45) ain’t bad at all! But that’s only until March 24. Not affiliated to 7-11 in any way; just thought you guys might want to check it out. 😉

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