Preggy privilege granted

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After some months (about five, hehe) of being sour over not being given my preggy privileges, I received mine last Friday. Yes!

It was the rush hour, I left from work to meet with hubby in the mall. As expected, buses were already packed. I was one of those standing on the aisle. I guess the guy seated right next to the aisle saw me in my preggy fashion (big blouse over leggings) that he offered me his seat.

At last! Chivalry ain’t dead!

It’s funny, too, because that wasn’t the first time I was wearing clothes like that. I guess there are just men who are too selfish not to give their seats to women like me who need extra attention (haha, yeah we do!). They either sleep or just watch the TV on the bus in all efforts to ignore you.

But at least there’s like one in a hundred guys who’d still be kind enough to sacrifice their own comforts for someone who needs it more.

Hope that race multiplies.

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