Pregnancy in the time of crisis

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Much as I would want to enjoy my pregnancy (and I have been doing so), some news are just too heavy to bear.

Yesterday, our company announced that beginning March, we’ll be having a four-day work week for six months at most. This would also eventually lead to the “temporary deduction” of our gross salaries by 20%.

In his defense, our CEO has cited numerous news sources about the economic crisis surrounding the world. He also said that upper management came to this decision because retrenchment was not one of his options. The new policy will cover across the board, meaning from CEO to rank and file, this would apply.

We were left with no other choice but to comply.

Thoughts were swimming in my head after the announcement (which was made before lunch — on a freakin’ Monday). Last night, all I could do was cry.

It was a scary scenario for me, especially that I’m 5-6 months pregnant. The cost of check-ups, medicines, food — not including our utilities, rent and other expenses — are the major factors eating up our savings.

Then a 20% cut in salary?

I really am hoping for a miracle.

Hubby assured me we’ll get through this. And I promise I will do my share.

So for now, I’ll have to look for freelance jobs to augment our savings.

I do pray to God we’ll get through this.


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  2. Miss Guimba

    Hello there!

    I was doing some blog-hopping before going down with my writing when I decided to visit your blog and came upon this post. I know this is long overdue but just to let you know, my hubby and I got laid off, too, last June and with two children, that’s very scary. But these things happen. If at all, we pick ourselves up and start over again. IWe’re doing okay now, but I still miss my old job. I’m glad to know you’ve bounced back, too.

    12 years ago

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