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I dunno what it is about being pregnant, but it seems to attract unexpected, but not unpleasant, attention.

This morning, as I was walking to my parents house, a car driving by slowed down beside me. The lady driver called me and asked if I was going to Shaw Blvd. because she was going the same route.

I kindly declined, since I was Makati-bound and I had to pick up my freshly cooked lunch at my mom’s place.

What’s weird is that I don’t even know the lady driver, considering I knew almost all of the people who live in our subdivision. Must be a passer-by. A pretty one at that…

Some weeks ago, a neighbor whom I don’t get to see much also offered me a ride, which I also declined since he was going the opposite direction of Metro Manila.

A few minutes ago, while I was eating lunch in my lonesome, two of the ladies from the office’s Sales Department talked to me and asked me about my preggy experiences as of the present (to my surprise, they were moms — they looked young to be one). One of them even offered me her panna cotta dessert, which was quite yummy. One of my designer teammates who’s a dad to a one-year-old boy keeps sharing stuff about his wife’s preggy experiences.

And of course, there are those strangers, albeit few, who would offer me their seats in the bus from work.

And somehow, I noticed, I’m friendlier towards people now than before (my xenophobia still kicks in every now and then, though).

I guess my pregnancy has its benefits. Could my baby be a PR dude/dudette when he/she grows up?

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