Huge Chocolate-y Prettier Than Pink Cookies from Fet Boys

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I love discovering new food items and brands. A lot have popped out especially during this time of pandemic, and it’s nice to try some of them. One of which I got to know about, thanks to fellow blogger Kathy, is Fet Boys.

Fet Boys creates delectable handcrafted cookies baked fresh every day. And I was fortunate enough to sample their latest variant, the Prettier Than Pink Cookies.

Fet Boys Prettier Than Pink Cookies

They’re not your ordinary chocolate chip cookies. For one, each cookie is so huge, they’re bigger than my palm. But what makes the Prettier Than Pink Cookies truly one-of-a-kind is that besides having dark and white chocolate chips, it has a special kind of chocolate called Ruby Chocolate.

Ruby Chocolate has a pinkish hue in it, and features a sort-of fruity hint of flavor. When mixed in the Fet Boy’s dark chocolate dough, it gives a compliment not just in the looks but also the taste. My little one even thought that it was a strawberry kind of white chocolate chip. 🙂

Prettier Than Pink Cookies
“Strawberry?” Bunso thought the pink chocolate chips were strawberry-flavored ones.
Fet Boys Cookies
And yes, she had this for breakfast. 😀

So what can I say about the Prettier Than Pink Cookies of Fet Boys? It’s just AMAZING! Call me biased because I have a sweet tooth and love eating anything chocolate (especially dark chocolate) but really, these cookies taste so great. Despite the chocolate overload, there was no umay factor. And for a chocolate food item, that’s a big plus.

Size is also a factor — like I said, their cookies are bigger than my palm. To be honest, I had to cut one cookie into 4 pieces so that we can control eating them. Else, we would have devoured the cookies in one go, LOL!

Also one of the plusses for the Prettier Than Pink Cookies: it’s NUT-FREE. Since Bunso has G6PD Deficiency, we’re trying to veer away from nuts (especially peanuts, which is one of the foods she can’t eat because of her condition). So with the cookie being nut-free, she can actually enjoy this anytime she wants.

Fet Boys Prettier Than Pink Cookies is really good. Am curious now of their other cookie variants, the Too Much Chocolate Chip and Coffee Butterscotch Cookies. Also their Brownies (am a fan of walnuts).

If you want to check out Fet Boys and the prices of their goodies, visit their Facebook and Instagram Pages.

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