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Two things have given me pride this weekend.

Last Saturday, my big little brother had his graduation recital. He studied in the UST Conservatory of Music, majoring in piano. He went through almost eight years of college (to my parent’s chagrin then… not anymore, of course) and last weekend was the culmination of everything. I must admit, every time he’s on stage I’d feel like the stage sister. Hehe.

The recital was attended with a few relatives and family friends, as well as his classmates and professors, including the faculty’s former and present deans. He played a total of five classical pieces, which were always greeted with a thundering applause. Adding to the family’s sense of pride was his final grade: a 1.5. Even my husband was impressed and happy with my brother’s performance. Why not, he’s the family prodigy.

Second, I have a new niece. My sis-in-law (brother-in-law’s wife) gave birth last week to a healthy, long-legged baby Patricia. She looked very fragile, of course because she was just days old. She looked like her brother and what’s cute about her is the way her cheeks blush when she’s all warmed up. It was also cute seeing her big brother Ulver hum to her while she’s in the crib or panic whenever she cries. He’d rush to his mom and, with a sense of urgency, tell her that baby Tricia was crying or probably hungry. Glad to see he gets along with her.

The weekend was hectic but is sure is fun. A proud sister and a proud aunt am I.

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