Random thoughts before, while, and after watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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WARNING: This post may contain spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the movie yet, you can skip reading this post. I wouldn’t mind, promise. 🙂

April 2, around 6 PM.

– Touchdown, Megamall (from Makati)! Haven’t watched in their cinemas for a very, very long time. Well, got no choice. They’re the only cinema in the area that has a screening not later than 9 PM, so…

– Ticket lines are long! Ganun ba karami ang hindi pa nakakapanood ng Captain America?! But it’s been a week…

– Wait, more than 3 people bought tickets for “Ang Diary ng Panget”. Hmm, there’s a chance…

– In fairness, “Ang Diary ng Panget” seems to click among the young ones (yeah, I feel old with that comment). I guess they read the book so they want to see it on the big screen. Good job, Viva Films!

– My date (hubby) is taking so long! Sabi niya papunta na siya dito, it’s almost 7 na!

Ang haba talaga ng pila sa “Ang Diary ng Panget”. At showing pa pala ang “Starting Over Again”?

– Finally, hubby arrived! Tickets – check! Choice seats in the balcony – check!

– Around 7:30 PM. Trailers for “Maleficent” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”. And there you go, lights are dimmed.

Nage-echo yung audio sa cinema ng Megamall. Dang.

Si Georges St.-Pierre pala yun?

Ang daming cameos a, mostly from the first Captain America movie.

– This early, you feel like you know who the bad guys are.

– Nick Fury! This is getting a bit predictable!

Yung boses sa “Her” at si Robin Scherbatsky andito.

– So much action. And this is a good thing.

– Cameo kahit sa poster lang. You rock, Elrond, este, Agent Smith, este, Hugo Weaving.

– So the dude is a government project outside SHIELD?

Sabi sa ‘yo e! Predictable ka, Fury, Nicholas J.!

– There you go, kids, Robert Redford in his prime.

– Of course, the cameo of all cameos, Stan Lee.

– Action, action, action. Good, good, good.

– So what of SHIELD?

– This movie shouldn’t have been given the subtitle, “The Winter Soldier”. Dapat “Captain America: SHIELD and Hydra” or something.

– Why are you people standing up as the credits are rolling?!

– Ooh, Easter egg #1. Mga anak ni Magneto, according to the comics. Wonder if they’ll change that in the next Avengers movie.

– More people leaving. Ah, after all these years, you still don’t know Marvel.

– Easter egg #2. Wala langs.

– Pretty good, lots of action, less cheesy than the first. Nice one, Marvel! I give it an 8 out of 10.

April 2, around 10 PM.


  1. Nathalie

    I was able to predict some of the “twists” too, and who the Winter Soldier is even if I did not watch the first Captain America Movie prior to watching this. But yes, the action sequences were good. And Chris Evans is soooooo hot! *fans face*

    8 years ago

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