Rediscovering ‘Coffee Passion’ at Starbucks

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I was thinking of changing my blog template. Tried a few a while ago, but found myself reverting to this template. But I’ll probably be changing my blog’s look soon.

I just need Photoshop to edit my header image first.


On topic, I had a chance to get a glimpse of Starbucks’ new offerings for this year. First up, they’re doing a few changes on their coffees — beginning with their looks.

The new look. Incidentally, that's also their new offering -- the Blonde Roast.

The new packaging looks a whole lot cleaner, with their ubiquitous logo over white. And beginning early March, their coffees will be categorized based on the kind of roast. So rather than wondering if their House Blend is enough to wake you up or if the Kenya blend is stronger than the Espresso Roast, you’ll find it easier to distinguish one from the other. Starbucks now divides its coffees into 3 categories: Blonde, Medium, and Dark Roast.

Last night’s coffee activity introduced us to the differences of each.

L-R: Blonde, Medium, and Dark

Blonde, the new Starbucks roast, had a citrusy aroma. When slurped (yes, slurp, not just sip), it had a somewhat sour or acidic taste. But what’s interesting is that it feels pretty light in the tongue and it had no aftertaste.

Medium Roast had a nutty, spicy, and sweet aroma. There’s also some body in the coffee’s texture when it comes in contact with the tongue. Dark, on the other hand, had that kinda burnt aroma. Even its taste had that smoky tinge, and it lingered in the mouth even after drinking a cup of water.

Going back to their new roast, the Blonde, it comes in 2 blends: the Willow Blend, which is the lightest of them all, and Veranda Blend, which has a bit more body than Willow but not as much as the Medium Roast.

And to compliment their new drinks, Starbucks is also releasing new (and returning) food items beginning March 6.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Wrap
Italiano Combo on Foccacia Bread
Almond Pain Au Chocolat. Effort i-pronounce pero masarap.
Chocolate Caramel Chip Cake
Spanish Sardines and Feta Turnover makes a comeback

They are also dishing out new salad creations (I think they’re already available):

Mediterranean Tuna Salad
Moroccan Chicken Couscous Salad
Southern Chicken Salad
Cold Chicken Soba Salad

The salads are pretty filling, they’re like a meal in itself.

All these is making me excited for March 6. Can’t wait to see each of their new food items and new coffee roast in their stores.

Thanks to the Starbucks peeps for another cool event. 🙂

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