Reposted: What’s going on at DSWD warehouses?

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Was just bloghopping when I stumbled on this repost of sis Shie from Gangbadoy’s blog about the non-moving donations for Ondoy and Pepeng victims. Most of them were from international donors… and were just found sitting inside the DSWD warehouse.

After minutes of research, I found the original post from It has elicited much reaction from her readers, as well as getting her into the news, such as in CNET Asia.

As one of Typhoon Ondoy’s victims, I can’t help but feel upset over the lack of assistance from government agencies such as the DSWD. It has been exactly a month after the tragedy, yet we and a lot of other families are still in the process of getting our lives back on track. What’s with the hold up on those donations? Where else would you use it anyway?

The rule of “get first dibs” don’t apply here.

And the excuse of not having volunteers? Isn’t that so lame, when we have seen people from the private sector lending their hand to these victims. Heck, our neighboring mini-mart is more charitable than you are.

Pati ba naman sa donations, dadayain n’yo ang mga Pilipino?

This act (or non-act, if there is a term for it) can be summed up in one word: sakim.

At malupit ang balik ng karma sa taong sakim.


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