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Last Saturday, before watching Inception at Greenhills Theatre, we went to Virra Mall because hubby wanted to trade his Soul Calibur PS3 game with another. (NB: SC4 sucks in story big time!) He was supposed to trade it with a FF14 game, but then we saw a kid walking away the store holding it. There was only one copy of it. Poor hubby…

Anyway, so he went ahead and tested Heavy Rain. While he was testing the game play, a guy came in and looked for a PS3 game he can buy. He pointed to one in the shelf and asked the saleslady, “Miss, okay ba ‘to?”

The saleslady replied, “Ah, opo. Tanong n’yo sa kanya,” pointing to hubby.

Of course, hubby said, “Yeah, blah-blah-blah…” and gave the guy some sorta unsolicited review of the game.

Hmm, I’m thinking, with all the games he’s played, hubby should make this as a sideline: giving first-hand reviews on PS games to everyone who walks in the store and asks.

Instant resource person. He should be making money with this…


By the way, Inception rocks. Watch it. 😉

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