Resurrecting the Mommy Diary: Bunso’s Bedtime Blues

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It’s been a while since I posted a Mommy Diary entry. To be honest, I hesitated a bit about sharing something about my kids. I don’t know if there was fear — anything can happen online — but yeah, I did stop.

But I realized that I initially conceived this blog to be a personal one, to share my experiences “in, around, and outside the home.” So here I am once again, sharing a Mommy Diary entry to you all.


Being a career woman and a mom at the same time, I sometimes get home when it’s my kids’ bedtime. Would you believe, there are times that I get home and find my kids asleep. And when I leave for work, one of them would still be in bed (my panganay is of school age, so we wake up at the same time in the morning). It got to a point that my bunso didn’t see me for 3 consecutive days.

Gee, thanks, traffic.

Anyway, so last night, it was bedtime for my kids when I got home. Ate was asleep, but bunso was still awake; my dad was trying to put her to bed, to no avail.

I took over it lulling her to sleep. I can see that she was sleepy, but she refused to shut her eye. She kept holding on to her Anna (of Frozen) mini-figure, not really playing with it.

I tried a lot of things to put her to sleep: rubbing her back, singing her songs (which actually puts ME to sleep), patting her. Didn’t work.

So I carried her and danced her in my arms while singing all those lullabies that usually makes her sleepy. Still didn’t work.

Then I heard her say, “Fadow, son, howy spiyit…”

She was reciting the Sign of the Cross.

Which made me realize something. So I asked her, “Hindi ka pa ba nag-pray?”

She looked at me and motioned me to the bed.

We recited her nighttime prayer, the prayer to the Guardian Angel. (This is the first prayer we taught our kids, since it was also the first prayer my parents taught me and my siblings when we were young).

After that, she lay on her side and closed her eyes. Dreamland, here she comes.

At 2 years old, my bunso has developed a routine. And she wouldn’t be able to sleep until she has said her prayer to her Guardian Angel.


Hmm, I learn something new about my kids every day. This is one of those days when I realize, it’s a wonderful thing, being a mom.

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