Rodrigo Duterte and integrity

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These are one of those very few times that I post anything about current events.

But I just saw this headline this morning: Duterte drops out of presidential race

Even if you’re not into politics or news and current events, you’ve already heard about the clamor for Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to run for the highest position in the land come 2016. A lot of those wanting for him to get a shot at the presidency are those who have had enough of what has been going on in the Philippines and its government in decades — corruption, violence, injustice. And taking a look at what he has done in Davao City, regardless of his brand of leadership, many think he is the right man to become the “father” of our country.

But with his announcement of not running and also retiring from government, Duterte is now considered “the best president this country never had”.

Not a few were disappointed in his decision.

Personally, I feel that he would have been a great competition to Mar Roxas, Jejomar Binay, and Grace Poe. He probably might win, too, if social media becomes a big game-changer in next year’s elections.

But right now, I look at the issue this way: I admire Rodrigo Duterte more now. Mainly because of his strong will.

The will not to give in just because people are telling him to do so.

I don’t know — I’m not close to the man — but he probably knew his strengths and weaknesses, what he can bring to the table, and the limitations he has to face when he becomes president. His family, the ones he consulted before coming up with his decision, knew his abilities and the probable consequences if he wins the elections.

He weighed his pros and cons. He did not heed the whispers of those who have selfish interests in mind. In short, hindi siya nagpadala.

Making the final decision (as he says) to drop out of the presidential race showed that Rodrigo Duterte has integrity.

And that’s an admirable trait you don’t see in others everyday.

While I believe that Duterte can change the game, I respect his decision.

I wish him well.

And our country, too.

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