On a Rollercoaster (aka Where is the Mrs.?)

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Been a while since I’ve posted. Apologies to everyone.

The past weeks have been a bit stressful, I guess. The 3-hour travel from Makati to Pasig everyday, work and home load, and losing a raket account took a toll on me.

To be honest, I felt kinda depressed. And I repressed that feeling so it made me feel worse.

But I think I’m at that point where I’m trying to come to terms with things. Not yet really fine, but getting there.


I think one of the reasons why I felt so down in the dumps was because I didn’t have any outlet.

It’s hard when people think that showing this kind of emotion is a sign of weakness on my part.

I can be strong, you know. But even the strongest people get hurt, too.


I’m still on this rollercoaster of emotions (my daughter just celebrated her birthday yesterday, so I was kinda happy). Don’t know when I’ll be 100% better.

I’ll get there somehow. A day at a time. With some IG quotes to get my by. 🙂

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