Sacrifices of a soon-to-be-bride/wife

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Still not married, yet I’m posting here.

I just wanted to let you know, if you’re still single, that preparing for a wedding is such a daunting task.

We have set a budget since the beginning. Working within that budget seemed a bit hard, so we made some leeway and added a few more pesos in our budget.

I just realized how hard it is to make money nowadays. I just took a look at my paycheck this afternoon and calculated everything.

I used to divide my pay into two: one for house utilities, and the other for my daily needs — fare to and from the office, food for lunch and dinner. When there’s extra, I could buy a luxury. Well, maybe not THAT luxurious. A new shirt, a new toy, a more expensive meal will do. A treat, I should say.

Now that my pay is divided into three, with the wedding budget eating 1/3 of it, I feel so poor.

That’s why I thought of getting a sideline. Just for support. Even if it’s just minimal, even if I’m dead tired to work extra hours — heck, I need the money.

So let this be a lesson to you. Getting married, or preparing the wedding for that matter, requires hard work and sacrifice. And that includes saving up, looking for alternatives to support your pay, and skimping on things you like but would rather not buy… so you can sustain your wedding budget.

This is the part where I say “I hate the preps”.

But I can’t think like that right now. Gotta work my a$$ off.


  1. PinoyCopywriter

    My salary is also divided into three: 1. budget for the wedding 2. daily expenses and 3. utilities (since I’m still living with my parents, I give my fair share in the house).

    Anything else that I earn through extra jobs, I add to our monthly payments for the house me and my girlfriend have already loaned.

    “I just realized how hard it is to make money nowadays.” – Painfully true.

    13 years ago

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