Seeing some “ka-ching!”

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Hmm, after one week of registering on, doing 12 reviews, and adding almost 80 friends, I have $4 under my name.

Interesting. So it does work.

But I must say it isn’t fast money. There’s a lot to do in ciao that you have to spend more than half of your day tinkering on your page. And like I’ve learned, try not to leave it alone during the weekend. When I logged in again after two days of not accessing my account, I found 20+ friend requests waiting for me. And most of them from people I don’t know.

I noticed there are lots of Chinese over there. Some from India, too. Filipinos are also actively participating in ciao. There are reviews that are worth reading, and some that just put in the product features. As for me, I make it a point to put my two-cents in every review, however short.

Well, I guess I’ll be seeing where my stuff goes. I’ll just have to make time to maintain my ciao.


  1. twopenneth

    hi whats your ciao id? im also on ciao.

    13 years ago
    • moonchild117

      hi! i’m moonchild117 over at ciao. add me up! thanks! 😀

      13 years ago

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