Seven months

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That’s how long it took for me to get my new SSS ID.

I had to update my name, since I wanted to use my married name on their files. I thought that would lessen the hassle when I need to make a loan and stuff like that.

Didn’t expect that getting my ID would be a hassle in itself.

I remembered it was in February when I withstood hunger and boredom while falling in line for processing. They asked me to come back a week after for the photo and fingerprint capture. Then I was told to wait.

I even remember the board where the instructions were posted. I knew I read there, “No follow-ups.”

Ang taray, diba?

My mom-in-law asked someone she knew in SSS about the release of my ID. She was told that it really takes that long, kasi centralized na daw. They didn’t think of upgrading their process prior to centralization. Sheesh!

Oh well, at least I got my ID yesterday. My first official accepted-anywhere-in-the-Philippines government-issued ID with my new name.

So if you’re getting your SSS ID, be ready to wait. And for those who already have one, don’t lose it so you won’t experience this kind of hassle.


  1. Janelle

    that’s terribly inconvenient! 🙁

    12 years ago
  2. U.Pink

    that’s really annoying sis.. but how about my application? i went to SSS-Shaw over 2 weeks ago to change status and beneficiaries.. they asked me to come back after 3 weeks for the application of new ID.. hope i won’t wait that long.. good luck saken di ba?

    12 years ago
    • moonchild117

      saan ka maga-apply for a new ID? ang alam ko you have to go to the main office sa QC kasi doon na lahat ang tungkol sa ID. doon ako nagpa-kuha ng ID with my married name.

      12 years ago
  3. Melita

    I got mine after three months, pero I went to the Espana branch for the picture and finger capture thingie. Completely forgot about it. Nagulat na lang ako nung dumating na siya, hehehe.

    12 years ago
  4. america mailas

    Kailan po ba marerelease ung SSS ID ko? Nung September pa po ako nagpapicture para dun?

    10 years ago

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