Sick season

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The title reminded me of a Bugs Bunny episode where he and Daffy Duck were shouting, “Duck season!” “Rabbit season!”

Now, here in the Philippines, it’s panahon ng tag-sakit.To loosely translate it in English, “sick season.”

I could blame it on many things. The weather. The company’s no-aircon-during-lunch-hour policy. My less-than-usual vitamin intake.

Last week, I had colds, then fever, then cough. Went to a check-up last Saturday (after Zee’s vaccination — and boy, did she cry) and the doctor said that I probably caught something viral. Mucobron for the next few days and added 500mg of Vitamin C for body resistance was the directive.

It would have been fine if it were only me who was sick. Unfortunately, Zee caught up with the fever (pun intended). Well, maybe the fever was a side-effect of the vaccine from Saturday. But hearing her cough and sniff breaks my heart. And she’s not as active as during the past days when she was still feeling better.

I just wish the cough and colds would just go away. Want my little princess to play. Now. 🙁


  1. Yam Yam

    sigh… been sick since saturday night, but i had to go to work. still sick though :s
    and paper work keep piling up… :s
    i feel worse…

    11 years ago
    • moonchild117

      take a day off, sis. at least when you get back, you’d be 100% ready for whatever work comes.

      11 years ago
      • Yam Yam

        i was absent monday… but still not feeling well. my sister, who’s an OB said i should get CBC and platelet count, baka dengue daw :s
        i hate needles pa naman… waaaah!!!!!
        a friend of mine accompanied me kanina to get my blood test, results will be faxed late afternoon (nagulat ako, pwede pala yun :p)… hehehe… hay, i just hope it’s not dengue…

        hope you guys are well. wag sanang may magkasakit… :s

        11 years ago

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