Some Tips on Buying a Car for the Family

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DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post. The opinions expressed here are all my own based on my experience.

As a family who would like to spend weekends out and about (as a break from the hectic work and school week), we found that having a car is essential. We’ve experienced commuting with the kids and it wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience. My eldest, especially, had motion sickness, and riding public transportation wasn’t very enjoyable for her. So when Baby #2 came, hubby made a decision on buying a car.

It was our first time to do so — our first family car. And we wanted to be smart in choosing the right car for the family. After a while, we settled in to one, and I can say traveling with the family has been much more comfortable than before.

Buying a Car

For those who are thinking of buying a car, here are some helpful tips for you:

1. Do your research. Find a resource where you can learn what to look for in a car. Sites like offer good tips for first-time buyers. They even have a car comparison feature so you can measure up your desired car to a similar model. Because sometimes, your first choice may not end up as your final choice at all.

2. Choose a car that fits your lifestyle. For those who are single, opting for a coupe wouldn’t be all that bad, but for us who travel as a family of 4, a car that can fit us—and our things—was a must. So our choices were limited to sedans, compact cars, minivans, or SUVs.

3. Choose a car that fits your budget. Hubby and I focused on something that wouldn’t hurt our pockets. And since we only have 2 kids, we opted for a sedan. And a second-hand one at that. While the down payment and monthly payments for new cars are now pretty low, hubby opted not to get a loan and wanted upfront payment. It really is up to you if you want a brand-new car. Just check your capacity to pay for it.

4. If buying a second-hand car, check the vehicle thoroughly. Ask the owner if there had been issues on the car, the reason he/she is selling it, and the transfer of ownership. Best if you’ve done your research on the car so you know what to look for. Or, if you’re not too comfortable, ask someone knowledgeable to go with you and check on the second-hand car you wish to purchase.

These are off-the-bat tips I can give you when buying a car, but I’m pretty sure there are some more. Just remember: research, research, RESEARCH. Good luck on finding your new car!

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