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Didn’t get to catch PNoy’s SONA yesterday. That’s because he didn’t declare it a non-working holiday. Good thing Yahoo provided a transcript of the State of the Nation Address so I got to read what he said.

After reading through the transcript, here are my takes:

– It’s good that PNoy pointed out what the real state of our nation is. Total misuse of funds. Bad, bad, bad. May natamaan kaya sa Batasan?
– I wish GMA was there. I’d want to see the camera pan towards her face. Just to see how her mole’s doing.
– While PNoy did point our the real state of the nation, it seems that I can sense his bitterness towards the past administration. Galit ka pa rin? Too much hate plus yosi is bad for you.
– PNoy has succeeded in making the Filipinos angry at GMA and her administration. In fairness, effective ang speech at paglisik ng mata. Hahaha!
– Just asking: no mention of GSIS and SSS?
– I just hope that in the coming days, we will see a solid solution to the problems of the country. And hopefully in the next SONA, he’s more mellowed.
– I refuse to simply dream. Pwede na mangarap, so he says. We’ve been doing this for decades. How about taking action?

And my observations on the reports on SONA by TV stations (particularly GMA7):

– Despite claiming beforehand that the SONA will “shock” the past administration, Arroyo’s spokesperson Elena Bautista-Horn said, in an interview with Arnold Clavio, “hindi ako na-shock.” I guess she expected what PNoy had to say.
– The only person who seemed shocked, as of this morning, was former DAR secretary Arthur Yap. He had to bring paper evidences in Unang Hirit.
– PNoy cut his hair! To which my husband retorted, “Ano pang igugupit sa buhok n’ya?”

I’ll try to catch the news later and see what else should be taken out of the SONA.


This morning, at about 2:30AM, I woke up to see my daughter looking up and giggling out loud. She wasn’t looking at me or her dad, but at the ceiling. Sometimes at the door. She giggled the way she does when we tickle her or say something funny. But we weren’t.

My husband, who has a partially opened third eye (if that’s how you call a not-totally-opened-third-eye), was trying to sense “something” inside the room, but there was nothing.

My mom said I shouldn’t worry much. She was happy, so maybe it was her guardian angel playing with her that time. She told me that if it was the opposite, if Zee seemed scared and cried without reason, then that’s the time I worry.

Okay. Happy is good. You think?


  1. jenie=)

    glad you shared…wasn’t able to watch.

    missing your visits…come visit me real soon

    life round meNyou

    11 years ago
  2. Ivy@Spinning Lovely Days

    Same sentiments here… I’m getting tired of the vendetta, seriously. More action and less blame, please! And yeah, happy is good. My kid used to freak me out cooing and gurgling at some unoccupied corner of our room, lol.

    11 years ago

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