Spreading the “Baby Dust”

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Well, whaddayaknow? Looks like there’s three of us in the team that’s expecting.

Okay, so my two preggy officemates now belong to another team now, but we once belonged to a group called Launch. That was before their lead resigned.

So anyways, the third preggy (the first being me and the other being Shina) announced the news to the whole team just a few minutes ago. Actually I learned about it during lunchtime, when she pulled me into the comfort room and showed me her pregnancy test kit showing two lines.

I always consider babies a blessing, a pleasant surprise.

To Shane, congratulations and good luck! The first few months would be such an adventure. Just ask Shina. Hehe!

And no, I did not spread the “baby dust.” Okay, maybe not consciously…


Big heaps of thanks to all those who shared their thoughts on having extra income, as posted in my last entry.

I’ve been doing MyLot for a couple of weeks now. So far, I’ve had more than a dollar now. Yay!

I’ve also added another entry in my Bukisa, a movie review on the new Wolverine flick. Hopefully people get to read it so I could earn a bit. Income there is pretty slow, but I’ll take my time.

As for PayPerPost, well, they haven’t approved my other blog. I think it still needs to mature and have more posts so I gotta work on that, too. Adsense is creeping up slowly for now, but I’m surprised it already reached $1 after a month and how many days.

Odesk seems to be a good option, but without a constant Internet connection, I might not be able to participate as much as I want.

Oh well, there’s always a way to generate additional income. As long as I work for it, I believe I’m going to get it.

‘Ika nga ni Robin Padilla, think positib!


  1. MJ Ces

    I’ve tried Triond but I wasn’t able to submit many articles to them. I was only able to earn, I think, $5 from them (they did pay me).

    You can also try Essays.ph. They have a thriving writers’ community there. They pay on time but I’m no longer active there because their rate per article is very low. Perhaps good during dry spells.

    If you have dot.com blogs, you can try PayU2Blog. They have been very good to us to say the least.

    But in my opinion, the best would be freelance writing. Get an internet connection because you will definitely need it. If you don’t want a DSL, you can try something like Smartbro if you have a strong signal in your location.

    And don’t stop spreading baby dust. 🙂

    13 years ago
    • moonchild117

      Ah well, I guess I really need an Internet connection at the apartment. Thanks for the tips. 🙂

      Maybe I’ll just keep the baby dust in my pocket for now before pregnancy becomes a pandemic in the office. Hahaha!

      13 years ago

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