S&R Pizza Gets Widest Delivery Coverage in NCR Via foodpanda

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When it comes to pizza, a lot of Pinoys now have S&R New York Style Pizza on top of mind. Huge pizzas that just have the right thickness and the right amount of toppings — they’re pretty much the most-requested pizzas right now (I could be talking from personal experience, haha!). When before, we can only buy them in S&R Membership Shopping, we can now buy them in their stand-alone pizza stores. And these stores are growing by the number, allowing more people to get a taste of their famous flavors.

One thing about S&R Pizza, though, is that you can only buy them dining in or via take out. Most of the time, you have to bear the long lines just to buy a whole pizza, even a slice. And sometimes, the moment you get your order, you realize lunch time is over.

Is there no way we can order S&R Pizza fast and hassle-free?

S&R Pizza

Actually, there is now. S&R recently joined foodpanda as a restaurant partner. And this means you can get their super yummy pizzas through the foodpanda app or the foodpanda Philippines’ website! Yes, delivery is now just a tap and click away — no need for a membership card, too. Now you can have S&R’s Pizza Combo Whole, Pizza Garlic Shrimp, Pizza Pepperoni, and Pizza Cheese Whole brought right at your doorstep! Complement these with the S&R Fried Chicken, Cheeseburger, Pure Beef Hotdog Sandwich, Chicken Caesar Salad, and French Fries.

foodpanda, #YourFoodDeliveryApp, is one of the world’s leading online food ordering and delivery platform that enables restaurants to become visible to mobile app and web users. Based in Berlin, Germany, it  has now reached the Philippines and has partnered with nearly 2,000 restaurants. Via the foodpanda app, busy and hungry customers now have access to great food options wherever they may be. Visit www.foodpanda.ph or download the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store to start ordering.


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