Starbucks Celebrates the Philippines With the Island Series Collection

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Just in time for Independence Day, Starbucks Philippines releases the Island Series Collection. This collection highlights the three main islands of the Philippines. And each mug comes with a matching Starbucks Card design.

Check them out below:

Island Series Collection - Luzon - Starbucks Philippines

The Luzon mug features the night scenery of the island’s business districts. Matte blue dominates the whole mug, with glossy decal and gold foil making up the buildings in the mug’s front.

Island Series Collection - Visayas - Starbucks Philippines

Here’s the Visayas mug, which comes in a matte yellow ochre color. There’s a debossed Sampaguita flower drawing and gold foil palm tree leaves on it, to represent the beaches of the region.

Island Series Collection - Mindanao - Starbucks Philippines

The third in the collection, the Mindanao mug, comes in a red Bordeaux color with a Vinta boat decal. It represents the colorful culture of the Mindanaons.

The accompanying Starbucks Cards boast a design in line with the mugs’ look and theme. They’re available for a minimum activation of Php 500 each.

But there’s something you have to take note of: the mugs and cards are available in the area they feature. This means that the Luzon mug and card are available in Luzon branches, the Visayas merch in the Visayas only, and the Mindanao merch in Mindanao only. They’re also available in select airports, so check first where you can find them first.

Or you can ask a relative or a friend to buy them for you. Or you can travel to get all, too. 🙂

If you want to get your hands on the Island Series Collection, make sure to be in a Starbucks store near you on June 12!

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