Starbucks Philippines Presents New Playful Frappuccino® Flavors

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It’s raining as I’m writing this post, but summer isn’t over yet. And Starbucks Philippines just reminded me of that, with its new Frappuccino ® Blended Beverages.

“Playful” and “fun” is how the coffee company describes these new flavors, as they give a bold twist to their Cream Frappuccinos using unique ingredients.

Take a look:

Starbucks Pistachio Bon Bon and Milk Tea Panna Cotta Frappuccino

The Pistachio Bon Bon Cream Frappuccino ® is inspired by the pistachio ice cream flavor. The drink blends authentic ground pistachio nuts and chocolate sauce, topped with whipped cream, pistachio chunks, and waffle pieces.

Meanwhile, the Milk Tea Panna Cotta Cream Frappuccino ® mixes in aromatic black tea with the base, and adds a bottom layer of smooth panna cotta pudding. Whipped cream and a dusting of black tea powder finish off the drink.

Yes, the pudding is back! They put that before in their previous featured drinks and I’m glad I can taste it again. 🙂

But wait, there’s more! Starbucks brings back the Cold Brew Retail Pack. Now you can make your own cold brew at home!

Starbucks Cold Brew Pitcher Pack
A pack of Starbucks Cold Brew, a pitcher, water, and a glass filled with ice are all you need!

That’s not all! Two new card designs make their way to a Starbucks store near you.

Starbucks Father's Day Card
Father’s Day Card
Starbucks Toucan Mini Card
Toucan Mini Card

Both the Toucan and Father’s Day cards come at a minimal activation fee of Php 500.

So, are you excited for all these? They’ll be in stores starting June 5, so better make your way to a Starbucks store near you then! 🙂

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